Tyga – Black Crowns Mp3 Download + lyrics

Tyga ft. J. Cole let it show mp3 Download

Tyga Black Crowns Mp3 Download

Tyga, an American rapper releases a massive hit track titled “Black Crowns” following the release of “Careless Album ”

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Tyga – black Crowns mp3 download

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Tyga Black crowns lyrics

All I see is black crowns
King me ’cause this is my time now
So all you other niggas bow down
‘Cause all I see on me is black crowns
Black crowns
Uh, heavenly father, appoint me to the coronation
I deserve it, brought music for clarification
Envision my past, Egypt reincarnated
Negativity hill, over the hump camels waiting
Never gave up, most of my peers forsaken
One make it, we all make it but I delivered that patient
King chronicles, never write it too logical
Fake niggas saying ‘What up, fam?’, but we ain’t biological
Hands down to my mother, she the greatest ever
Since I was the only child, wasn’t too much to stress her
Waking up before work, leaving allowance on the dresser
Raising the prince under pressure, no king, no rescue
It’s all good, got…
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