Aflik TV Partners Animaxfyb Studios For New Animation Project

– Aflik TV releases Mmofra

– Animaxfyb Studios

– Aflik TV Partners Animaxfyb Studios new project, mmofra

Aflik TV, a Popular African-American based media outlet releases Mmofra through a partnership with Animaxfyb Studios.

Aflik TV Partners Animaxfyb Studios For New Animation Project

Who is Mmofra? – is an animated educational children’s program that teaches children how to read alphabets, numbers, shapes, colours, and more age-appropriate topics to help in preparing them for school in a fun way.

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The program was launched on Monday, October 19, 2020, across selected streaming platforms including Amazon Prime. Artwork used for the program has also been featured on popular NewYork’s Times Square Billboard.

The founder of AnimaxFYB Studios, Francis Y. Brown said the program was set up to connect interesting African stories to the global film industry. In qoute

Africans and African stories are not represented in the global film industry. We are on a quest to change that: providing meaningful, engaging, and indigenous content for African families on the continent and in the diaspora

he said.

On his part, CEO AflikTV,
Akeju expressed delight over the launch of the program.

He noted that the distribution of the work by AnimaxFYB was a great opportunity to expand African inspired content which is peculiar to Aflik TV services.

“Francis. Y. Brown is an extraordinary filmmaker especially in his animation work. It is great to have our children see a reflection of themselves in film”, he added.

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Final verdict

AnimaxFYB has the motive to expand and make Africans an an africa greatness through the use of media especially in the line of animation. We believe more of positivism shall come from this great African organization.

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