Coronavirus: Barrack Obama warns Africa not to accept vaccine from America

The former president of the united states of america, Barrack Obama has pleaded with the African Nations not to accept Vaccine to be distributes by the likes of first world country’s like America and Europe.

The outbreak of coronavirus has really done great harm to the global world and the world of Africa must be surprised why the former president must have made such a statement.

Below is a quote from the former president of America over the distribution of coronavirusvaccines / cure to the African Nations.

Barack Obama “I’ll be an accomplice if I don’t denounce this evil act white people want to do to Africans.

first of all I was born in America but I’m African blood, I’m not going to allow white people to kill Africans with their toxic vaccines.

I ask Africans to be smart, and to ensure that coronavirus vaccines do not enter African territories, there is a Machiavellian plan they invent, saying we come to help Africans, or that they will come to kill you.

I will like this message be shared everywhere, to awaken African minds so that the vaccines do not arrive in Africa.

Below is a response from people who followed the post on Instagram.


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