Brightlight Akintayo Babatunde speaks on his musical career

Brightlight Akintayo Babatunde speaks on his musical career

Brightlight Akintayo Babatunde speaks on his musical career | interview with Brightlight Akintayo Babatunde

Interview with Brightlight, Akintayo Babatunde Daniel. Find Everything About Brightlight as he speaks on his musical career.

Today, we will be looking at the society changer’s, what they have been through and also what we should expect from them in a short while.

Due to the pandemic, many upcoming musicians finds it hard to perform or display their talent to the street, TV stations and the world across.

You will agree with me that the internet is now the home of most artists as they go to net to display some of their skills, and today, Topgistextra will be looking at an important upcoming artist to see how he has been going with his musical career, what he has achieved so far despite the pandemic and also, what we should expect from him in the coming Years.

Everything About Brightlight, Akintayo Babatunde Daniel and his musical career

In a recent interview with Topgistextra, Brightlight, who was born on 21st January, revealed that his life has been a blessing through God and music pursuit as his carrer.

In his words, “What’s there is that after am done with my Secondary sch level, I was still a choir member in my church then. So, the talent is from Jah”

He is from a family of four children and he happens to be the first son of his parent.

Currently, he stays in Lagos but schools in Ilorin. One of right hand man happens to be Fatokun Samuel A.k.A Samflexxy

Brightlight, it is nice having you in this setting, Topgistextra appreciate the time you have made to give audience despite you not having much time as an artist.

I am sure most of your fans would have loved to see this kind of meeting in a TV or Radio station, but we have to be precautions of the coronavirus.

So, this interview we be an internet based interview.

Meanwhile, TV and Radio broadcast can still be made and you definitely can also get a TV interview after the pandemic.

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Interview with Brightlight, Akintayo Babatunde Daniel

I believe you are ready to give pure answers to all the questions Topgistextra will be asking?

NB; highlighted in red words is the word from the building while in Green is that of Brightlight

Brighlight: Yes, am ready to answer all questions Topgistextra.

Fine, I know you as Brightlight because that’s what I have been seeing on the internet before contacting you.

Q: What is your full name?

ANS: Smile, Actually my name is Akintayo Babatunde Daniel well Known as Brightlight.

Okay, so it clearly means that Brightlight is not your real name, but your Stage name?

ANS: Yes Brightlight is my Stage name

You have an awesome stage name.

Many people has one or two things that pushed them into who they have become today and I am very sure you are not an exception. By the way,

Q: What first got you into music?

ANS: Smile, Actually I study Mechanical Engineering in Kwara State Polythecnic, but as times goes on I have to show the world the talent Jah gave me, and that’s music.

You must love music so much then.

Everyone has someone or something that inspires them into going into music. Some could be friends, family, situation etc.

Q:Who inspired you to make music?

ANS: What’s there is that after am done with my Secondary sch level, I was still a choir member in my church then.

So, the talent is from Jah, I just plan to give the world in a whole different way Hip Hop, then I still love listening to an Ajegunle rising star 🌟 Oritsefemi, I choose him to be my mentor, I really love his way and his Music path too.

Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

ANS: Well, my music is basically and purely hip-pop though there is little Gospel attached, but my type of music is Hip-pop.

Most artist wants to mingle with a particular or more artists especially those higher than them.


Q: Who would you like to collaborate with?

ANS: Actually, am planning a collaboration with the Musical Taliban Oritsefemi and also my Brother Oba Orin Jaywon.

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Q: What one message would you like to give to your fans?

ANS: Just to thank my fans that have been listening to my hit all time and appreciate them for supporting the movement all the way.

So love for you all ❤️ Keep on supporting your boy, I will keep giving you something inspired, good vibes and good musics JEKANMO✌🏽

Q: This might sound funny, but it is common with most celebrity’s. So, What is the most useless talent you have?

ANS: Lol, I have got none, but as times goes on I let you know loll

Q:Now, you are into music what would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

ANS: Smile, Bro if not for music, by now I for don dey sawmill dey work, cus that what dey do in my hood… Lol

So, you are very grateful to music.

Q: Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows?

ANS: Grateful to God, alongside music. I do perform at EKSU with the rise up artists Mohbad, alongside Lyta
I have got many performing venues in Lagos and also at Ibadan.

Upcoming shows plenty, we only pray make the Pandemic get rid soon.

Now, I believe the internet is a good world, like a home and who knows what the world of music would have been without internet especially in this covid-19 pandemic.

Q: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

ANS: Internet is so good, it’s really makes our music’s go viral in this pandemic. God bless all Bloggers alongside.

Interview with Brightlight Akintayo Babatunde Daniel, Topgistextra
Brightlight on stage

Q:What is your favourite song to perform

ANS: Actually my favourite song of all to perform is the track Jaiye. This is because Fans love the vibe so much.

Okay, I would have asked whom you would like to perform alongside with, but I know you would say Oritsefemi.

Q:What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

ANS: so many troubles! At times sleeping in studio, getting shenking from top artists.

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Q:What is the best advice you’ve been given?

ANS: Dad always tell me Son no rush but never stay pause, I love that advise Bro.

Q:Is there any means whereby one can contact you?

ANS: Yeah, sure, you can contact me for booking on my mobile phone +2349038032048 and also on my IG @iam_brightlight

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Brightlight musical career songs and features

Below are some of the amazing work and other collaborations done so far by the Brightlight, Akintayo Babatunde Daniel.

List of Brightlight single songs

You can search on the internet for any of this list of Brightlight single songs to download and listen to.

Brightlight –Freedom

Jaiye by Brightlight

Brightlight – Asake

Ire by Brightlight

Brightlight – Mercy

New dawn by Brightlight

Brightlight – Money, and host of others

List of Brightlight featured songs

You can also search on the internet for any of this list of Brightlight featured songs to download and listen to.

Codedte – Ayo’nbo

Rappy J – Hangover

Yung Earl – Ghetto love

Smart – Destiny, and host of others.

DownloadMp3 Download: Diana – Skyboii (Prod. By Ideal Strings)

Photos of Brightlight, Akintayo Babatunde Daniel

Check out some beautiful photos of Brightlight Akintayo Babatunde Daniel. You will be amazed.

Photos of Brightlight Akintayo Babatunde Daniel


Interview with Brightlight, Akintayo Babatunde Daniel is meant to enable you Find clues About Brightlight as he speaks on his musical career.

Having heard few things about this great musician, I believe you now know a thing or two about him.

You can also get this kind of interview with Topgistextra. You can as well get your profile, biography posted on our blogs or on Wikipedia.

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