Bitcoin: Nigeria becomes Eighth African nation to welcome Bitcoin ATM

Nigeria, Africa’s largest country has warmly welcomed its first Bitcoin ATM.

The name of the company that installed the ATM in he Dazey lounge is Blockstale BTM.

The company which is located in Lagos state has planned to Launce more than Thirty (30) terminals across Nigeria.

Blockstale’s chief executive and , Daniel Adekunle quoted “Despite all the legal uncertainties about crypt I currencies in Nigeria, Nigerian ms happen to the highest crypto traders in Africa”. This he told local media on April 1, 2020.

Adekunle was able to develop this Bitcoin ATM in partnership with a firm based in China, shenzhen.

Nigeria welcomes Africa’s 15th Bitcoin ATM

Nigeria being home to the largest trade volume in Africa as a whole, the country has become the 8th country in the continent to host Bitcoin ATM and blockstale’s joined the board to become the 15th in Nigeria.

Among the others who has hosted Bitcoin ATM in Africa includes;

1.South Africa who has seven Bitcoin ATM
2. Ghana host two Bitcoin ATM
3. Djibouti host one terminal
4. Botswana host a single terminal
5. Kenya host one terminal too
6. Uganda host a single terminal
7. Zimbabwe host a sing terminal currently.
8. Nigeria recently got theirs

Nigeria “Bitcoin” searches top Google trends.

No matter how many Nigerians sees or believe cryptocurrency to be, it is of no doubt it has become one of the most searched word by the citizens today.
Everyone talks about crypto, the banks, schools and other institutions all make reference to crypto , and Bitcoin is no doubt there Father.

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